Silver Lining: Celebrating Our SITA Award and Singapore's Secure Future

We at CCCS are beaming with pride! The recent Security Industry Transformation Awards (SITA 2024) showered us with a Silver Award in the coveted Security Training Organisation (In-House/External) category. This isn’t just a trophy; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines our journey, and a shared victory for everyone who has walked this path with us.

CCCS Received SITA Awards 2024
SITA Silver Award for Best Security Training Organization (In-house/External)

SITA Silver Award

Security Training Organization

Our deepest gratitude goes to our trainers, the true architects of our success. You tirelessly pour your expertise and passion into shaping future-ready security professionals. Every skill honed, every confidence instilled, is a direct reflection of your dedication.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our participants, the eager minds who choose to learn and grow with us. Your thirst for knowledge fuels our innovation, and your commitment to the industry inspires us to keep pushing boundaries.

This moment also wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our management. You provide the vision, the resources, and the unwavering belief that empowers us to dream big and achieve even bigger.

But our celebration extends beyond our walls. This Silver Award shines a light on the vibrant transformation taking place within Singapore’s security industry. As Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State, aptly stated in his inspiring address at the SITA ceremony, the industry is at a crucial juncture.

Faced with an ageing population and manpower constraints, we are embracing innovation to remain a robust force in safeguarding our nation. The Security Industry Transformation Map, launched in 2018, acts as our roadmap towards a tech-enabled future, and initiatives like the Security Progressive Wage Model (PWM) ensure our security officers receive fair compensation and enhanced skills.

At the heart of this transformation lies the need for continuous training and upskilling. As Mr. Mohamad emphasized, our role as a training provider is critical. We bridge the gap between technology and manpower, equipping security officers with the skills to confidently navigate this evolving landscape. We at CCCS constantly seek out innovative methods to make learning effective and engaging.

The road ahead might be challenging, but the SITA Award gives us a renewed sense of purpose. We recognize the Silver Award not just as an accomplishment, but as a responsibility – a pledge to continue pushing boundaries, nurturing talent, and contributing to a secure future for Singapore.

This award belongs to each one of you – our trainers, participants, management, and partners. Together, we have carved a path of excellence, proving that dedication, innovation, and collaboration can truly transform an industry. Let us continue marching forward, hand in hand, to ensure Singapore remains a safe haven for generations to come. Onwards, to a brighter, more secure tomorrow!