CERT First Aid + CPR/AED Provider Course

Every minute counts. In Singapore, heart disease remains a leading cause of death, with the potential for sudden cardiac arrest. But amidst the shock and fear, hope remains. By equipping yourself with basic life-saving skills, you can become a critical link in the chain of survival.

This First Aid course empowers you to confidently respond to emergencies involving adults. You’ll master the essential knowledge and practical skills of CPR and AED use, enabling you to act decisively when seconds matter most. 

Prompt and effective CPR and AED intervention can dramatically improve the odds of survival after a cardiac arrest.

Gain the knowledge and skills to act calmly and effectively in a time of crisis.

Be prepared to help not only loved ones but anyone in need, making a real difference in their lives.

Course Objectives

Entry Requirements

Nationality Requirements

Health and Safety Advisory

To ensure the well-being of all participants, the CPR+AED assessment requires performing 2 minutes of continuous chest compressions. To safely participate in this physically demanding activity, we encourage individuals with certain medical conditions to consider alternative options.

Seeking Guidance and Exploring Alternatives:

If you have any concerns about your ability to meet the physical requirements, we encourage you to:

Consult your doctor: Seek professional advice about your suitability for the physical activity involved. If you choose to proceed, please provide a doctor’s letter confirming your ability to participate safely.
Explore alternative options: We provide alternative learning pathways for individuals who may not be suited for the full CPR+AED assessment. Contact us to discuss options that prioritize your health and learning needs.

Please note: Opting out of the CPR+AED assessment will prevent you from completing the course and receiving certification.

Course Duration

Mode of Delivery

Net Fee
$ 120

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