About CCCS

About CCCS International Learning Institute

CCCS International Learning Institute (CCCS ILI) Pte Ltd was founded by Customs Credit Co-operative (S) Ltd in 2010 with a vision to reach out to the Trade community to harness their capabilities & resilience in custom-related skills sets & knowledge. In mid-2016, she was accredited as an approved training organisation (ATO) by SSG. And during her period of growth, CCCS ILI was proud to be awarded with the National Business Award (Singapore) in 2016…

In view of business continuity, and wider outreach & contribution to the security & enforcement industry, the entity was subsequently taken over in September 2017. Since then, the new management has been driving up the required security & security-related courses that are essential towards enhancing the Private Security Industry in Singapore.

In CCCS ILI, we endeavour to be an organisation that shares & collaborates with industry partners for purpose of keeping our homeland safe & secure.